Foot traffic

If someone walks in your door, they're far more likely to buy something.
In fact, only people who walk in your door buy something.

By that rationale, that foot traffic is worth something to you. That's especially true if:

a) You get to pick the gender and age of the extra foot traffic
b) You get to pick the times and days of the week you want the extra foot traffic
c) You get to ensure they stay in your location for at least 90 seconds

Why is this better than just giving people coupons?

Coupons are too specific. If I might be interested in X and I don't want Y, getting 20% off Y is not likely to get me to buy more X from you. Especially when I don't even know you sell X. The only way I'm going to realize I can buy my X from you is to get my feet in your location.

What's to keep these people from popping in and popping out and running up my costs for this?

That's not a problem, because these targeted people are going to be remembering your location, spreading the word about you, and many will end up buying your products, running up your revenues in the process. You get to limit your target market and your total budget (we won't go over) to ensure you get your money's worth.


People love scratchers, and the iPhone makes an excellent reusable scratcher. Instead of spending a dollar, they just have to bring their phone into your location, scan the poster at the front, and start "scratching" (hence the 90 seconds). We don't limit where they can go in that time.

Like any paper game piece, many are losers, but some win, and some win big. The winners get paid by us directly, so there's no reason to open your cash register when a lucky winner hits the jackpot.

Do I really want a cluster of people scratching their phones blocking the way for my other customers?

Since you set the hours these offers are active, you won't be very busy with other customers when these people show up. Further, since scratching is rather mindless, the new customers we deliver to you tend to look around your location as they scratch.

Even if they never buy anything, people are social creatures. If there's no one in your store and the parking lot is empty, it's a well-known fact that you're less likely to get other people in your store.

And you guarantee you'll be able to supply me X walk-ins in Y days?

Since we let you select your demographics, that's not a certainty. As much as you'd like to bring 80- to 90-year-old women into your antique store, some demographics haven't jumped on the bandwagon in the numbers others have.

Can't I ask the walk-ins to at least buy something? After all, they're costing me money.

That's not how this works. Remember, customers are why you open your doors in the morning and they take their time in making their purchasing decisions (sometimes it even takes a few visits).

Most customers take a dim view of aggressive salespeople, and so do we. If a customer gets stared at, an aggressive sales speech, or get a guilt trip, not only are they likely to not come back and badmouth you to their friends (wouldn't you do the same if you were a customer?), we'll hear about it too. If we get enough complaints, we'll discontinue your campaign.

If you're like our other client merchants, you have a great product or service, but just need help getting the word out there. You don't need to hard-sell your product or service because it sells itself.

How do I know these people can even afford what I sell?

They can afford smartphones.

How do I sign up?

1. Click "Register" and fill in your billing information, target demographics, and a little bit about your location.
2. Print our code sheet on a single sheet of paper and put it in a noticeable place at eye level. Plan on leaving it there whenever you use our service.
3. Scan it once using our iPhone app to activate.

Advertising is expensive, and it's rough.
You have very little way of knowing whether you're wasting your money on a newspaper ad, television spot, or internet ads.
And those take months of bombardment to register with new customers.
With LOITERY, you get to see the results of your advertising investment immediately and in the flesh.
There is simply no advertising more cost-effective than LOITERY.

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